November 7th, 2014


So, I saw Interstellar today.


Good bit of Sci-Fi entertainment, with a Hardness scale of 4 out of 6. (TV Tropes gave it a 5, maybe if you’re not a Physics major.) Definitely could have been more trim, though, both with the lingering shots and a wavering thematic focus. Really didn’t need all those 170 minutes.

The concept of life in the Dust Bowl is entirely alien to people on my humid, sticky side of the planet. (People who, in this movie-verse, have likely simply drowned to oblivion from rising sea levels.)

If Gravity should’ve been retitled Momentum: The Movie, then Interstellar should be General Relativity: The Movie. (Maybe these two should be back-to-back NASA-tastic features in the future?) If anything, mainstream movies haven’t quite depicted the effect of temporal dilation from near-light-speed travel on human lives (plural) so in that respect this is some Forever War Lite.

Philip Glass style organs > Non, Je Ne RegrBWOOOOOONG

"But Adam, how does a human survive being that close to a black h-"
Posthuman Wizards Did It.
(No toasted human spaghetti here.)

Finally: that was probably the only representation of a finite, unbounded section of 4-dimensional-spacetime “space” you’ll ever get to see in a mainstream movie. (With some artistic license.)

(Image for illustration purposes only)

I wouldn’t gush with BIG IDEAS MOVIE purple prose about Interstellar like many critics are apparently wont to do, but it’s solid (if long-running and chalky-academic) entertainment. It has so much ambition behind it, trying to talk about so many things about human potential (and weakness) but here you get a version that’s SF-film-nostalgic, with big set pieces and chewy, undercooked bits of intellectual digressions.

Also: D’AAWWWWWWW THOSE (incredibly useful) MONOLITH ROBOTS (following them to Saturn)