Adam Primaeros (primaeros) wrote,
Adam Primaeros

Keeping own counsel

I think the idea is to reclaim my thoughts as my own again.

Over the years, I've off-loaded so many thoughts out into social networks like Twitter (essentially live reportage), Tumblr and Facebook that it took a sudden disillusionment with people I'd usually had no problem with before to shake me into realizing it. Posting has dwindled to minimum as of yesterday, and I hope to continue this.

I believe the "correct" side can still do the right thing the wrong way. On the surface, however, there is no choice but to shut up when your stance is repeatedly branded the "wrong side".

It's partly about GamerGate, partly Social Justice Warriors, partly the success of professional victimhood, and losing out on the idea that ideology/belief wouldn't overcome camaraderie. Which is to say: it got to me. I am unable to distance myself from the stances of some others, and I have failed to stay above it. Since such measures as blocking / "muting" are abhorrent to me, I've managed by just dancing out of the way, but I am no longer comfortable with people I genuinely respect and whose approval I welcome.
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